Saturday, April 5, 2008

just beachy

At breakfast this morning (banana pancakes for Marc, yogurt and granola for me), we asked Marcia about the possibility of getting onto the beach from other locations along the shoreline. She drew us a little map of a place with big waves for body surfing, and a place with a sunken ship that is good for snorkeling. All within 30km or off we went.

Most of the drive was on a paved road, but the last potholed bit (10 hard km!)
was on this sandy road:
There was a place to pull in and park, so we did.
This tree reminded me of Beckett for some reason:
And the beach looked like this:

AMAZING. Nice sand, gorgeous water. We swam. We floated. We walked.

Then we got back in the car to drive further, looking for the alleged ship.
We parked. We walked.
We saw coral and shells.
And watery grasses:
And in the distance? A mostly sunken ship.
With a big pelican in the foreground. Lots of pelicans around here.

It's at the end of a pseudo pier of sticks. Actually, the sticks have a net underneath,
to catch fish. Marcia said this is bad news. And illegal.
Tomorrow we're going back to snorkel all around the ship.
Today we just walked and swam, checking it out. We won't take the camera tomorrow, so we took all the photos today.

Back to home base for lunch. Every table has a nice collection of sauces:
And lunch always comes with fresh pico de gallo.


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