Monday, March 31, 2008

our route

So here's our route -- nothing too hard here. We'll fly from JFK in New York, directly to Cancun. We're renting a car at the Cancun airport, and we'll drive down the coast to our little place. The red line is the flight, the blue line is the drive:

And here is a bit more detail. We'll drive past Tulum and Xel-Ha, around the Sian Ka'an Reserve, down to Majahual and then back up to Mayan Beach Garden.

It's all great, but at this point the best part is that it's the day after tomorrow. Marc already packed our big bag (full of flippers and snorkel masks, flashlights and batteries, maps, suntan lotion, all the stuff you need for a beach vacation) and gathered all the papers we'll need. He's so good at arranging details and getting the whole shebang organized. Me, I'm just the lucky girl who shows up at the airport.

At this point, the weather is partly cloudy and mid-80s most of the time, but a 60% chance of rain a couple of days at the end of the vacation. Did I say I can't wait?

Usually I post a jpg of our ticket, but I'm way behind on this trip so here are the details, the old-fashioned way:

Wednesday April 02:
Leave JFK at 11:00am, arrive in Cancun at 1:20pm, AA1671

Wednesday April 09:
Leave Cancun at 3:00pm, arrive at JFK at 7:50pm, AA1674

And oh yeah, did I say that I'm really really excited and can't wait?

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